Generator Installation

Generator Hook Up

D’Amico Electric, Inc. is an authorized Kohler Generator Dealer

At D’Amico Electric, we understand how important it is for your home to have a reserve power supply during an outage. For safety, security and peace of mind, we will install an emergency generator for just such occurrences. Southern New England can serve up some extreme weather any season of the year. Having a generator is not just a convenience. Whether you have small children or an elderly loved one that depends on you, a generator can get you through a temporary electrical outage comfortably.

We have installed many heavy duty generators for commercial and industrial clients as well. A generator will be there to run your medical equipment, water pump, refrigerator, and telephones in a crisis. When you are looking for a reliable generator and you want it to be installed safely, please call D’Amico Electric Inc. We have over forty years of professional experience in generator installation. Don’t be left in the dark; request a quote today. D’Amico Electric is an authorized Kohler Dealer.

Our Service Area includes:
Stafford CT, South Windsor CT, East Windsor CT, Manchester CT, Vernon CT, Tolland CT, Willington CT, Mansfield CT, Ashford CT, Chaplin CT